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DOB June 1, 2008
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Anwyl Winds O Change
Belroyd Knight Flyer
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Belroyd Shore Lark
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Tweedbanks Portland Bill
ENG CH Pemland Magnus

Cordach Modesty Blaize at Tweedbanks
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The dog on a mission.
There is no other way to explain Torch other than this and it fits perfectly once you do meet him. Never have I had a dog so serious about life, yet patient and understanding. Everything we do is done with focus, heart, and talent, but I have had to change directions with him multiple times. After Crumpet, I wanted a tri-colored Corgi bitch and going to see an available litter, I came home with a male puppy. As Torch grew up, I showed him in the breed ring to five points, but we never could seem to get the judges’ attention to complete the championship. We did however get to hang out with Corgi people and enjoyed the ring experience.

In concurrence was Agility and Obedience, which I thought a working personality like Torch's would enjoy. After only a year in training, I started him in AKC’s FAST, which proved to be fast and fun and the title was completed with four legs. I was running Niven on another level and had to learn to juggle ring conflicts to continue. When Torch was entered, Novice titles were achieved and one Open FAST leg obtained. Corgis in Obedience can run hot or cold, Torch sometimes flew along in excitement and other times giving me grief. He does love to perform Rally Obedience and has one leg in Cynosport Level 1, but I would like to get him out in AKC as well for kicks and giggles.

The bottom line is that every dog has its sport and I was not finding Torch’s. Everything I asked him to do, he did and has some titles and legs to prove the point. There always was that “something” that was missing in his attitude. We have attended Tricks classes and Freestyle seminars, we tried herding sheep and duck, and we spent time walking through the forests of French Creek State Park. I still could not get Torch to indicate what he preferred to do every weekend.

When the opportunity of a Nosework class popped up, I decided to give it a try with Torch. As this is truly an independent sport, he was hesitant in the beginning, but it did not take long to figure out the game. In the shortest time experienced, Birch odor was learned and soon after Anise and Clove introduced. Currently he is certified to trial on all NW levels and had a nice go at his first NW1 trial at the end of October. There Torch decided Containers all had odor and there was nothing I could do to convince him otherwise. A second attempt earlier in 2016 resulted in another "miss", this time during the Interior search. It took me some time to figure out the cause and then working through possible solutions to help iron them out. We had the opportunity in September to try the NW1 again, this time with a stunning result. Torch completed the NW1 with a Pronounced title, took 1st place in Overall Searches with a combined search time of 38 seconds, and 2nd place in Vehicles. Cooler still, when it was time for the NW2, Torch completed his searches with another First Place Overall and Second Place in Containers.

I had to break for cancer treatment and of course time catches up with all of us. Torch patiently waited for me to get off the couch, but he was another year older. At ten, we tried our first NW3 where we both bothced the Interior Search, but took First place in Containers. The baseball stadium was a lot of fun to search, but the day being long, Torch was petering out. His shoulder injury was surfacing and I started to wonder if he was enjoying himself or there for me.

For the moment, Torch is now my Demo Dog for when I judge AKC Trials and enjoys limited outings. Unforutnately, he can no longer make the insane three mile walks with us, but he does enjoy activity that does not push him too far.
Completed / Certification
2010 - AKC Novice P FAST
2012 - AKC Novice P Jumpers
2012 - AKC Novice P Standard
2013 - AKC Canine Good Citizen
2014 - NACSW ORT Birch
2015 - NACSW ORT Anise
2015 - NACSW ORT Clove
2016 - NACSW NW1 Pronounced

First Place Overall
Second Place Vehicles

2018 - Cynosport RL1
2018 - NACSW NW2

First Place Overall
Second Place Containers
Pronounced Exteriors & Interiors

AKC Championship Pointed
Cynosport Rally Veterans

Retireed from Competition
AKC Demo Dog