Pedigree Tarot - Foxglen
Tarot's Pedigree
Foxglen's It's In The Cards
ORT Elite2 NW3-I NW3-E NW3-C NW3-V L3I LV2 L1E


Bred By Joyce Smuda
DOB June 16, 2012
Labrador Retriever

Sire: "Tex"

HL Technically He's Royal
High Tech CEO
Ebonstar Lean Mac
Waldorf's High Tech
Rascals Super Spud

Itch's Flying Tiger
Ebonaceae Princess
Trieven El Conquistador

Snookum's Sky Raider
Hattie McBunn
FC NAFC Gusto's Last Control FC AFC
Snake Eye Double Or Nothin'

Hawkeye's Water-Gator Anny
Lakeside Icicle AFC
Riverbend's Bo Jangles

Lakeside Dixie
Countess Olenska MH
Candlewoods Rebel Ridge
Webshire's Honest Abe
Wilderness Harley To Go

Pine Creek's McChigger
Candlewoods Tanks A Lot
Candlewoods Super Tanker

Candlewoods Tiz Two
FC AFC Bird Perfect CD MH FC AFC
Sky Watch Radar
Wanapum Sky Shooter

Full A Malarky
AFC Just An Urchin NFC FC AFC
San Joaquin Honcho

Illini's Echoing Maiden

Dam: "Niven"

Foxglen's Event Horizon
Damien's Scar Houston's G and L's Judd MH FC AFC
Candlewoods MD Houston
Lakeridge's Charlemagne
Black Gold's Candlewood Kate
Huggable Molly FC
Sandy Slew Man Too
Del-Stars' Classic Addition JH FC AFC
Aran Island's Mr Murphy
Candlewoods Super Tanker
It's A Cinch Sheenah
Duncan's Kassie Kan-Doo MH AFC
Hiwood Apache
Chiefs Sandy Lake Samantha
Sady X Dandy Andy VI Norton's Old Yeller
Buchanans Silver Scout

Frank's Shining Sheena

Curious Louisa Mae

Amos Alfonso The Water Boy

Greg's Lady Chelsea Mae

Eshmere Yellow Sunflower
Hess Rd King
Hershey Acres Samson

Hershey Acres Sheva
Eshmere Goofer
Earlyndell Duke

Earlyndell Yellow
Tarot is one of the four puppies I kept from the 2012 Tex/Niven litter. I am not exactly sure what made me decide on keeping this puppy, especially since all four offered the same potential. Like her mom, Tarot is easy to live with, but differs in constantly being underfoot. Like her dad, she inherited his two speed philosophy of “Sit” and “Fast” with nothing in between. Being a great mix of both parents has proven to be an interesting challenge because of drive and enthusiasm.

Ground Work for Puppy Time
I knew it would be smart to find a puppy kindergarten class where exposure to new working environments would be a plus. Each class following broadened the puppy experience and simple obedience commands became cemented. We were able to join a Rally Obedience class where I could adjust the signs' performance to the current working level. I was not interested in creating a one year old dog ready for the competition ring, but I was trying to find a low-impact outlet for Tarot's want to work. I have always appreciated Tarot's heart for working. She is game for anything and still performs everything with the same puppy enthusiasm.

At about a year of age, I found another Nosework class and Tarot was started on the road towards future competition. The challenges she presented stem from her working personality; the desire to run out three hundred yards and back overriding the logic of the 'Hide' being only ten feet away. Yet she has the uncanny ability to home straight to source from fifty feet away. Always true to Odor, Tarot has proven to be a lot of fun to work with and I have had to develop new ways to approach training bumps.
From November 2015 to November 2016, Tarot managed to sniff her way through the NW1, NW2, L1I, and NW3. I am astounded by how far we have come in training and trialing in such a short time. We had to break for my cancer treatment in 2017, but the last two years have seen us complete a bunch of Element Speciality titles, plus everything up to NACSW Elite 2.

At the beginning of 2015, we started ground work for Agility. This sport has offered Tarot a unique outlet, as I believe the obstacles can keep up with her mental ability. I was able to start distance work earlier than normal and Tarot has taken the challenge. She works in close and can send out thirty feet, making it easier for me to be where I need to be. Tarot adjusts her speed in an instant, is not afraid to retry an obstacle, and gives her all. I was able to enter two weekend trials and in four days, Tarot completed the Novice Jumpers and FAST titles, picked up two Novice Standard Legs, and one Time2Beat Leg. I am thrilled with the way she has put everything together and was looking forward to trialing more in 2017.
Unfortunately in May 2017 I was dignosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer and the resulting treatments have limited my fitness. While Tarot is still ready to go anywhere I take us, I cannot run any more. Two years later, the complications are lessenging and there is hope I can resume this fun sport.

My current plan is to get Tarot brushed up on her routines so we can get out into the Rally Obedience rings. This is something I can do!!

Completed / Certification

2013 - AKC Canine Good Citizen
2013 - Therapy Dogs International
2015 - NACSW ORT Birch
2015 - NACSW ORT Anise
2015 - NACSWORT Clove
2015 - NACSW - NW1

Seventh Place Overall
Third Place Interiors
Pronounced Exteriors & Interiors

2016 - NACSW - NW2

Fifth Place Overall
First Place Vehicles & Exteriors
Pronounced Containers, Exteriors & Interiors

2016 - NACSW - L1I

Fourth Place Overall

2016 - AKC - Novice FAST
2016 - AKC - Novice Jumpers
2016 - NACSW - NW3 #1

Fifth Place Overall
Second Place Containers
Pronounced Containers, Exteriors & Interiors

2017 - AKC Open FAST
2017 - AKC - Novice Standard
2017 - NACSW - NW3 #2

Sixth Place Overall
Second Place Vehicles
Pronounced Containers, Exteriors & Interiors

2018 - NACSW - L1V

Ninth Place Overall

2018 - NACSW - L2V

First Place Overall

2018 - NACSW - NW3-V
2018 - NACSW - NW3-I
2018 - NACSW - NW3-E
2018 - NACSW - NW3-C
2018 - NACSW - NW3 Pronounced #3

First Place Overall
First Place Vehicles
Second Place Containers & Interiors

2018 - NACSW - NW3 Elite
2018 - NACSW - L1E

Third Place Overall

2018 - NACSW - L2I

Fourth Place Overall

2018 - NACSW - L3I

Second Place Overall

Completed / Certification (cont)

2019 - NACSW - Elite Trial #1 New Hope, PA

67 Elite Points

Pronounced "Abbe" Search

First Place "Abbe" Search

2019 - NACSW - Elite Trial #2 Cumberland, ME

75 Elite Points

Pronounced "Hallway" Search

Third Place Overall

2019 - NACSW - Elite Trial #3 Nashua, NH

Elite 1 Title

55 Elite Points

Pronounced "Consession" Search

Third Place "Concession" Search

2019 - NACSW - Elite Trial #4 Harrisburg, PA

73 Elite Points

2019 - NACSW - Elite Trial #5 Wakefield, VA

75 Elite Points

Third Place "Winding Deck" Search

2019 - NACSW - Elite Trial #6 Bowie, MD

Elite 2 Title

75 Elite Points

Pronounced "Clubhouse"&"Go For The Gold" Search

Second Place "Treasures Underground" Search

First Place "Clubhouse" Search

Completed / Certifcation (cont)


AKC Open Jumpers
AKC Time2Beat

Training - Agility
Training - K9 Nosework
Training - Rally Obedience

February 2019 Litter

Tarot was bred to a dog named Pete that also produced four pups.  If the last litter was an excitement point for Mike and me, this litter is promising so much more.  We are very fortunate to have two of the pups in wonderful homes with a lot to keep them busy.

Pete (Barnes Waterwood For Pete's Sake JH) is currently running for his Senior Hunter Title while playing the part of Dad role model.  Tarot continues to trial in Nosework and other dog sports.  It will be fun to watch how each of these puppies develop into adult dogs and for what their people are getting them involved in.

Waterwood's Feather In Her Cap - (Yellow) Quill is now with her Dad, Pete and Aunt Spring.  She is also doing a fantastic job of retrieving her marks.

Foxglen's What The River Knows - (Blue) Poem has made her home here with Mike and myself.  She is learning her manners and started on Primary for Nosework.

Foxglen's Way Of The Wind- (Orange) Shaman has also remained here with Mike and me.  She is learning the ropes of manners and is started on Primary for Nosework.

Foxglen Waterwood's Royal Flush - (Purple) Jade is now living with her Aunt Duchess & Duke and is looking forward to becoming a running partner to her humans.  She is keeping up on the mile long runs.