Pedigree Niven - Foxglen
Foxglen's Event Horizon RN AX OAJ XF


Bred By Mark A Mann
DOB January 20, 2006
DOD November 27, 2016
Labrador Retriever

Sire: "Damien"

Damien's Scar
Houston's G and L's Judd
Candlewoods MD Houston
Lakeridge's Charlemagne
Itchin' To Go

Lakeridge's Annie Get Your Gun
Black Golds Candlewood Kate
River Oaks Rascal
Candlewood's Nellie-B-Good
Huggable Molly FC
Sandy's Slew Man Too
Itchin' To Go

Sweet Creek What's Cooking

Painter's Daily Double

RC's Midnight Madness
Del-Stars' Classic Addition
Aran Island's Mr Murphy
Candlewoods Super Tanker
San Joaquin Honcho HOF

Candlewoods Delta Dash
It's A Cinch Sheenah
Snake Eyes-Double or Nothin'

Hawkeye Hat Trick
Duncan's Kassie Kan-Doo
Hiwood Apache
Hiwood Clincher

Beaver Creek's Tara Raging
Chiefs Sandy Lake Samantha
The Marathon Man
Brovic's Wildhearted Dinah


Sady X
Dandy Andy VI Norton's Old Yeller Buchanans Silver Scout
Andertons Silver Streak

Louise's Becky
Frank's Shining Sheena  
Curious Louisa Mae Amos Alfonso The Water Boy  
Greg's Lady Chelsea Mae  
Eshmere Yellow Sunflower Hess Rd King Hershey Acres Samson
Sir Bear Of Beartown

Holly Of Powerline Run
Hershey Acres Sheva  
Eshmere Goofer Earlyndell Duke  
Earlyndell Yellow  
I went to see a litter of Labrador puppies one March afternoon in 2006. There had been a total of ten puppies and there were five when I got there. From what I got to see, I loved the consistency and outgoing nature of each. I was certain one was going home with me and that Mike was going to kill me. One of the two female puppies bulldozed through her siblings to meet me and squeaked in disappointment when I stopped paying her attention. Yeah. That is the one I picked.

For the first two years, Niven kept us busy with backyard activity, walks and hikes, and beginner training. When she reached adulthood, we started formal Agility training with Obedience and Rally Obedience soon following. Although I had a ton of handling experience, I now had a 24 inch dog which was a new mechanic. While changing some of my techniques, I also had to learn "new school Agility handling" which took hold while I was away from the sport. Niven was game for anything and together we blazed through the foundation sequences.

One of the easiest dogs to live with, Niven never gave the impression she can be hell on paws while working. When in downtime, she was normally balled up and unobtrusive. Let her know she was going someplace and it was all attention and excitement. This could be a problem when entering an Obedience ring where excitement is not as appreciated as it is for the Agility ring.

The Novice, Open, and Excellent A Standard Agility titles were completed nearly back to back and Niven picked up legs in Ex A FAST and Jumpers soon following. We took time away from Agility for a litter and other sport trialing, returning in 2015 and at nine years of age to finish the Excellent A FAST title and pick up a few Master legs. Mid-year I decided to drop her to Preferred and jump her at 20" due to age. Niven loved this and picked up a few more Master Preferred legs before ending our Agility career on a good note.

Over the years, Niven completed the AKC Rally Novice title and obtained two legs for Cynosport Rally Level 1. I wanted to return to the ring to complete what we started, but there is not enough time to do everything. Separate from Obedience and one of my laugh points is that Nivie was Herding Instinct Tested (similar to the WC, but for Herding Dogs), impressing all of us with her control of the sheep flock and quartering abilities.

Despite our crazy schedule, Niven and I started a Nosework class in 2012. After a few bumps in training, Niven passed the three ORTs and completed her NW1 with a 3rd place Overall Searches, 1st place in Vehicle Searches, and Exterior Pronounced. I was planning to retire her from all competition, but my classmates convinced me to keep going. At the beginning of 2016, Niven completed the NW2 as Pronounced, placed 2nd in Overall Searches, and 1st place in Exteriors. I have had so much fun working Niven in Nosework and am so glad to have her as the first experience for trialing.

Time has an amazing way of passing when you are not watching. We ended the Thanksgiving weekend with a morning walk at the park, more to stretch everyone out while we geared up for a long December. A few hours after our return home, Niven found comfort on her dog bed and quietly passed away with both of us with her. I cannot express the loss we have experienced, especially since Niven was one of the most unique, awesome, and fun dogs we have shared our life with.

We celebrate her life and appreciate her company while looking to the future she left for us.
January 20, 2006 - November 27, 2016

Completed / Certification
2009 - AKC Novice Standard
2009 - AKC Novice Jumpers
2009 - AKC Novice FAST
2009 - USDAA Starters Pairs
2010 - USDAA Starters Standard
2010 - AKC Rally Novice
2010 - AKC Open Standard
2010 - AKC Open FAST
2010 - AKC Open Jumpers
2011 - AKC Excellent A Standard
2011 - USDAA Starters Snooker
2013 - USDAA Agility Dog
2014 - NACSW - ORT Birch
2015 - AKC Excellent A FAST
2015 - NACSW - ORT Anise
2015 - NACSW - ORT Clove
2015 - NACSW - NW1

Third Place Overall
First Place Vehicles
Pronounced Exterior

2016 - NACSW - NW2 Pronounced

Second Place Overall
First Place Exteriors

AKC Excellent A Jumpers
AKC Excellent B Standard
AKC Excellent B FAST
AKC Time 2 Beat
AKC Excellent Preffered A Jumpers
AKC Excellent Preffered B Standard
AKC Time 2 Beat Preffered
USDAA Starters Jumpers
Cynosport - Rally Level 1
June 2012 Litter
Niven was bred to a dog named Tex which produced four pups.  Mike and I could not be prouder of each one and what they are out there doing for their people.
Tex (HL Technically He's Royal MH MNH) has qualified multiple times at the Master National obtaining his Master National Hunter title as a result. The Tex x Niven kids are now out there kicking butt like their parents have.

Foxglen's Dalles of Hope Lock JH SH - (Pink) Dalles has completed both her Senior and Junior Hunt titles and continues her training.

Hope Lock's Rodeo Rider MH - (Red) Rody has completed his Master Hunter title and qualified at the 2016 Master National.

Foxglen's It's In The Cards NA NAJ OF Elite2 NW3-I NW3-E NW3-C NW3-V L3I LV2 L1E CGC TDI - (Tan) Tarot has been titling in Nosework and Agility.

Foxglen & HL's Royal Event - (Green) Duchess is playing the role of Aunt to Jade. Her other job is a running partner to Jesse, helping him to place in 5k Runs.
Foxlgen HL's Royal Event<br />
Foxglen's Dallas of Hope Lock JH<br />
Hope Lock's Rodeo Rider MH<br />
Foxglen's It's In The Cards NA NAJ OF NW3 L1I CGC TDI